Yoga is a tradition and science with roots in ancient India. Yoga has evolved over centuries to embrace the wisdom of many places and times. Throughout history, it has been split into various “types or schools of Yoga” focusing on the different aspects of Yoga. Yoga means union.

Through posture, breath, meditation and relaxation you will find awareness, strength, flexibility, focus and stillness. Experience wholeness through integration of mind, body and spirit.


“Kundalini Yoga utilizes asanas (body postures), sound current (chanting), breath (pranayama) and meditation to relax and heal your mind and body, allowing the spirit to flow freely. Kundalini Yoga brings a greater feeling of well-being and happiness-our natural birthright as humans. It balances the glandular system and strengthens the nervous and immune systems.

This powerful and effective form of Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D., Master of Kundalini Yoga, is a great way to recharge and heal as it centers the mind, strengthens the body and increases awareness of the spirit. From your very first class, you’ll reap the rewards. You are not required to be in perfect physical shape or believe anything in particular. The gift of Kundalini Yoga is that you experience it.

No words can replace the experience. “Everyone can do it!”

Kundalini Yoga


Originally, the science of yoga and meditation was passed from one teacher directly to one student. Today, this approach to teaching Yoga guides each person in developing a practice that is relevant to his or her own body and life experience.
A private session will allow you to deepen your practice and help you experience the benefits of yoga and meditation in more personal way. Private classes are for new and experienced students and for those with an injury or condition.

For new students:
As a new student, you may be intimidated by the public classroom environment or you may have a busy schedule that makes it impossible to attend a group class. Private classes create the opportunity to focus on you and make sure you are getting off to an appropriate start. Private yoga and meditation instruction can help you integrate into our public classes.
For more experienced students:
Experienced students benefit from privates as well. You are able to have a deeper insight into specific meditations, postures or categories of yoga and meditation that interest you. Private yoga sessions are the perfect learning environment. We can help you with posture alignment, modifications and can help you develop a balanced home practice.
For those working with an injury or condition:
We can adapt the practice of yoga and meditation to meet the needs of people facing physical and mental health challenges. We can help you manage your condition, reduce your symptoms and improve quality of life. Sessions begin with a brief intake to assess the students needs, and depending on the particular situation and will may include:
● Specific breathing techniques (pranayama)
● Supported yoga postures to release tension and deeply relax the body
● Kundalini Yoga Kriyas to clear and recharge the energetic body and glandular system
● Meditations to focus, calm, and center the mind
For best results, it is suggested to commit to a series of sessions, as we will be able to initially assess your situation, define your goals, and create a plan of action to reach these goals. This will assist the student in:
● Creating a routine of mindfulness of breath, posture, and body awareness
● Establishing a personal practice
● Understanding and experiencing a variety tools for different effects
● Learning how to easily incorporate these techniques into their daily life. For example, learning simple breathing techniques that can energize and focus the mind, or relax and calm the mind during a stressful situation
● Improve other forms of physical exercise such as running, dancing, golf, or other sports
● Increase your ability to focus, concentrate and remain calm under pressure
● Increase your lung capacity and physical endurance
● Improve your posture to enhance the physiological systems of the body

Studio Etiquette

  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your session or class starts.
  • Refrain from eating an hour and half before your session or class.
  • Wear comfortable clothes; leave your shoes at the door.
  • Turn cell phones off before entering Gyrotonic® SATNAM.


  • Please refrain from wearing fragrances such as perfume, body lotions etc. in consideration for those with allergies.
  • Bring a mat and towel.
  • It is important to let the instructors know if you have any condition or injury before your session or class starts.