Jill Karlin



Pioneer Yogini, Jill Karlin began copying Yoga postures from a book when she was 7 years old. At 14 she was asked to teach in her progressive high school. Since then she has shared her growing knowledge of Yoga with corporate heads, rock stars, an astronaut, professional athletes, disabled children, a royal family, a blind woman, children, the elderly but mostly regular folks.

Her yoga journey has taken her all over the world to study, teach and to work with the most prominent masters personally. After breaking three vertebrae Jill was led to work with the great hatha master BKS Iyengar, and all his senior teachers, Jill shares her intimate knowledge of alignment in every class. She continues to expand her awareness through Kundalini Yoga and is delighted to have the opportunity to share this science with students who wish to make transformation in their lives.