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My daughter was diagnosed with AT at the age of 8 years. We have since then been involved in weekly therapy sessions for her neuromuscular diagnosis for the past 5 years. I had the pleasure of being introduced to Oblio Wish, Cristian, Diana, Dana and the rest of the staff of Gyrotonic Sat Nam in January, 2015 and since that time my daughter has been attending weekly personal training classes with Cristian. I am amazed and truly impressed by the techniques instilled by Cristian during her sessions. In such a short amount of time my daughter has gained strength in areas that have given her the ability to take short steps on her own which she was unable to do before independently. I attribute a great deal of her progress to Gyrotonic Satnam and most of all Cristian. Thank you Oblio, Cristian, Diana, Dana and all the staff who have opened your hearts to us. We are truly blessed to have found you and Gyrotonic Satnam.

Mery Ceron


This system is revolutionary and sets a new model for exercise rehabilitation in the health industry.

Daniel S. Smith

D.C., Chiropractor, Alamo, CA

I believe that these coordinated movements have a beneficial prophylactic effect against low back weakness and pain, and that they can be successfully integrated in a physical rehabilitation program.

Frank Moore

M.D., Neurologist, Mount Sinai Medical Centre, New York, NY

Gyrotonic works continuously on expansion and elongation, going far beyond any other method of exercising and stretching, however sophisticated it may be. There is a continuous involvement of the supportive musculature of the bone structure that gives you an erect and elegant posture. To create a whole with an economy of movement one achieves through simple or complex motions. Relaxed, yet always energetic!

Ello Mucho

M.D. Sports Medicine, Vicine, Italy


Developing balanced movement patterns are essential to wellness. Juliu Horvath’s approach and equipment are helpful for all body types and conditions.

Douglas Evan

Dancer, Somatic Therapist Los Angeles, CA

Gyrotonic taught me how to prevent injuries, and given me a deeper understanding of how everything works together. I have incorporated the exercises into my daily schedule. They are the first things I do every morning, and they prepare me both physically and emotionally for the rest of the day.

Dena Abergel

New York City Ballet

While recovering from a foot injury, the Gyrotonic Expansion System® has kept my body strongly connected to organic motion. Through the intense exploration of repeated movements I have developed a closer relationship with my body and i am better prepared to go back to rehearsal.

Heather Berest

Paul Taylor Dance Company


By far the most intelligent training system that I have encountered. Many Sports require a sequential and integrated movement in the body through space. When the sequence is broken, the end result is effected. Whether throwing a baseball, hitting a baseball, golfball or tennis ball, the principles are the same. Gyrotonic facilitates one to not “muscle”the body thru space, where many injuries occur, but to “release” the body thru space, in a connected and sequentially integrated matter. Training the muscles in an isolated way, as most other training system do, actually inhibits sequential connections in the body rather than support it, as Gyrotonic training does …..and much, much more.

Matt Aversa

Athlete and Former Professional Pitching Coach

It’s great! Most golfers fight coming up out of the shot, but this strengthening routine works on keeping you in the shot from start to finish. Since I have been paying attention to posture and flexibility, and have moved from 60th to 30th on the money list in one year.

Andrew Magee

PGA Tour Golfer


I came to Gyrotonic as a result of a head injury, which produced paralysis of my left leg and muscular and cognitive damage. The Gyrotonic exercises and movements restored and reprogrammed my body and mind into a more harmonious working relationship. Other benefits of Gyrotonic have been:easier breathing, reduced asthma, decreased allergies, and reduced bow-leggedness.

Gus Kirchner
Retired Commercial Airline Piloty, NYC

The ideal corrective for an office job. It releases my neck and lower back, dissolves pent-up frustration and axiety, and leaves me feeling light, fit, loose and composed.

Denis Johnston
Copy Editor


Gyrotronic instruction turned out to be a very pleasant surprise. The benefits of this exercise, as well as the variety of classes offered, are amazing. The congeniality of the instructors and staff is infectious and creates a wonderful workout environment.


The Love of Your Life/The Work of Byron Katie evening was amazing. You were awesome!!


Tara & ‘the work’ of Byron Katie was completely awesome in every way! In fact, Tara may have outdone Byron 🙂


I feel I am blessed to have an NVC teacher and coach in our area. I’ve attended Lynn’s introductory workshop and have been participating regularly in her weekly coaching group for the past several months. As a result, my thinking and communication with others is dramatically kinder and more effective. I’m most often able to arrive at peace in my own heart and mind no matter what the situation. It’s been a profound help for me in moving through some relationship challenges that have been there for many years. And these shifts are happening quickly, too! Each week those attending the group are celebrating wonderful results, and I would recommend this gentle, yet powerful practice to anyone desiring more peace personally and in the world.

M'Lisse Ramsey

I love this group. Tara Shannon’s dynamic presentation of the work cut through any distractions and resistance I had. In the past two groups I have healed my relationship with my mother, and moved into a permanent place of empowerment in regards to my relationship with my partner. Tara literally lives these ideas and watching her in action is not only entertaining but also inspiring. To anyone new, ask yourself this…do I want to be right, or do I want to be free? If freedom is what you seek, then this is the group for you!


“The Work” totally changes the way you look at things and turns you around, in a good way, to make you a better person. Freedom! Tara is very patient and knows her stuff


“It was (Making Life-Changing Choices Through Awakening Consciousness with Cheryl Leigh) the most amazing experience…I released tension out of my body and mind. It was a great way to get in touch with my inner truth and stop internal blaming dialogue. After the meditation, I had a deep feeling of peace of mind, and confidence in the present moment. Thank you so much.”


“I had never done the “Breath of Love” before even though I had done lots of work with yoga. This was profound. At first I was finding all sorts of reasons not to let go, but Cheryl (Leigh) made it safe to slowly get the depth and rhythm. By the end I felt weightless and expansive.”